Great article. I was starting to think I was only in the world you sees potential in Google Drive to replace all my other tools. I was a heavy user of MS OneNote and switched to Evernote a few years ago for webclippings and notes. I use Evernote in conjuction to with SugarSync (like Dropbox) for file storage. But I believe Google Docs can replace both these tools and I plan on converting this wknd. Here are my pro & cons and workarounds for the cons.
1. Editing – Google Drive has much better editing than Evernote. For years I have been waiting for Evernote to add highlighting, which is poorly achieved thru Stich integration. I missed that from OneNote. But now I can add webclipping articles as Google Drive document and highlight text (slect text, change background to desired color). Also, love how i do not have to download documnets to edit like i do in SugarSync/Dropbox, etc.
2. I use Gmail, Google Voice, Google Calender, and have android tablets and phones. Love this integration and 1 less website I have to log into.
3. Folder hierarchy – i hate tags! i’m sorry but it is not for me. For me, hiercharchial system trees are more logical for data organization.
….more, but just wanted to mention those.

1. quick webclipping like Evernote – i think I may have found a quick solution which has not been mention. I have a addon in Gmail that lets me upload emails in gmail straight to Google Drive. So if use IE or Firefox you can use “send page by email in browser (Chrome does not option – i have looked extensively). Thus with a few clicks of mouse you can have any webpage in Google Drive:
a. click “send page by email” – IE or FF
b. once in gmail, click “create document in Google drive.”
c. tada….webclippling is in GD. And because it creates a GD document you highlight text, edit, etc. Something i could never do with Evernote.
3. Send Page to Google Drive addon – works great for webpages that do not require a login, but does not work on ones that do. I am constantly archiving articles from forums I belong to. The above method remedies this, but this addon still has its uses for general web browsing.
4. Add content by email – this was great feature of Evernote. Simply email any page or anything to Evernote email address and there it was. Great when I was using PC’s where I did not/could not install Evernote web clipper. Also, gave me a way on tablet and and mobile to send webpages to Evernote since there is no Evernote webclipper for mobile browser. Well, actually there Dolphin browser/Evernote addon but that only sends webpage as a link which is also what really all add content by email does. It does not send the actual web clipping but just a link. I hated that. Hopefully, GD implements this and actually saves the page and not just the link.