I’m definitely using Google Drive for some functions I previously used Evernote for, but I see drive as more of a dropbox / mozy / sugarsync killer.

For $20 a month, I’ve upgraded to 400GB, which allows me to back up basically my entire hard drive (at least, all files I’d be upset if I lost). It functions and syncs just like dropbox between my work and home computers, but the web interface is much much better.

In fact, I find myself using the web interface more than windows explorer these days since it’s quicker. Go to drive.google.com, hit the “/” key to search, start typing the name of the file, and boom, I have it open within seconds. The fact that I can view and edit most file types without needing to download them is an added bonus. Now I see where Google is moving with their Chromebooks and Chromium OS — it’s coming to the point where 90% of users will be able to do everything they want within a web browser, regardless of which computer they’re logged in from.

For me, Evernote still has its place as a note-taking app, but I’ve never really used it for much else anyway. Google Drive is a whole other animal.