The key is to immediately register gift cards so they may be used for online purchases. Then, you can go to your “Manage Payment Options” page on your Amazon account and “Reload” your Amazon Gift Card Balance by using each VISA gift card. I just used 8 different VISA gift cards to reload my Amazon Gift Card balance. That way, I can use my Amazon Gift Card for purchases. Remember, you can only do this with one VISA gift card at a time. And, don’t forget to delete the VISA gift card from your list of payment options afterwards as the VISA gift card will not have anything left on it. Also, don’t make the same mistake I did by putting your VISA gift card into your payment options and then throwing it away before using it reload your Amazon Gift Card balance unless you keep your entire card number (not just the last 4 numbers), expiration date, and 3-letter code on the back in case you didn’t already register the card. Amazon cannot give you the remaining balance on your VISA gift card, the entire number, or any other information for privacy reasons. And, you need to know the entire number and have the correct billing address (which you can only get when you register the card with the issuing agency) so they will match when you make a purchase and Amazon ‘runs’ the card.