I am a writer and, so far, honestly I prefer Evernote to the Springpad. When I use Evernote it had a familiar Microsoft Word feel (on the computer). I often times have a hard time adjusting to new applications and their obscure layouts and Evernote was just a tad easier, but comparing that to the other apps on the market, at least I can understand what I’m doing. I’m not fond of using many apps. I like sharing on Facebook, but that’s not all I do. I like writing on Evernote because it can store all my longer “short stories”, and my oddly shaped formats. My best friend, who is also a writer seems to find that Evernote also makes a very good personal diary, which he does not allow others to see. Springpad on the other hand has become sharing-based, it’s new format confuses me, and with everyone’s comments (since I only tried it once and then uninstalled it to make room for another app) it seems like a Tumblr Reblog-Whore site. Pardon the language. Sharing and sharing, and commenting, and liking. It’s all social, that it either distracts you from what you’re going to do, should you have a different purpose with regards to the app rather than sharing, or it’s somehow simply a place that reminds me of why I abandoned Tumblr in the first place. Too many people, too much crap, too many people reblogging stuff like that. Not that that’s a bad thing for the website, though, the masses of the online populace would surely bring them tons of cash from their advertisers. I just find that as soon as the online masses flock to such a place, especially a sharing based site/app, it gets a lot more complicated, adding to the stress of already trying to understand the app (and their “unique” terms: eg. Like for Facebook = +1 for Google+ = <3 for Tumblr).