Two months into Springpad 2.0 I thought I’d revisit this topic and share my thoughts after living with the changes for awhile longer.

I have learned to reluctantly live with the limitations of the new version compared with the old version.

I have even considered using some of the sharing features now to push some stuff out to others without having to add a step of creating an e-mail. While I haven’t done that yet, I can see it happening before too long. In that sense the new features are a plus for me.

I have found that for accessing info and creating new tasks or checklists the Springpad Android app actually functions exactly like I want the web app to function. I have a widget on my Android screen and I have one button access to create specific types of “Springs”. Why they don’t offer this on the web app is beyond me. It is a HUGE productivity feature.

However, there are still some glaring usability issues.

1 – Way too many clicks required to add something new. Filing something you clip form the web using either the extension or the clipper should be a lot easier. You still have to crate the “Spring” and send to SP, then go to SP, open it and manually edit it again to assign it to a folder.

2 – Still no offline access. I use SP for work and when I am on a plane it sure would be nice to work with my SP data. The Mobile app does store data offline, so that is some solace, but it would be nice to work on a bigger screen.

3 – Tasks and reminder system still has a bunch of glitches. When you create a task with a due date you cannot set a specific time and date for any reminder. But if you don’t have a due date you CAN set a specific time for a reminder (but you lose that reminder if you then assign a due date). ALso, task due dates and reminders are not flowing to Google Calendar, so I end up having to manage two task systems. This lack of integration with GCal is how I stumbled onto (Which I really like).

At this point because of the extra steps to assign things I create to specific notebooks/folders I have actually stopped filing them. Instead when I need to find something I simple use the search function. I am sure that will sneak up and bite me in the tookus some day, but until then I’ll live life on the edge. ;)

I still use SP. I just have to use it differently. And I cannot do all the things I used to be able to do with SP.

I sort of fell like I took my car into the shop to get a tune-up and when the car came back they had taken out the back seat and the radio. The engine runs well – better than it ever did. But now I can’t take my kids to school or listen to my King Crimson 8 tracks.