I posted this on the Springpad blog as well, but here is my take:

I’d like weigh in, from the perspective of a new user.

For all of you saying that ‘no one’ will like the new design, and that it won’t garner any new users, please stop making generalizations. I have been an avid Evernote and Pinterest User, and am now making the switch to Springpad purely BECAUSE of the new design.

Why? Because for curation, organization, light note taking and task management, it’s a near perfect marriage of the two.

For people saying ‘if I wanted to use Pinterest I would’ blah blah – you clearly haven’t used Pinterest much. Pinterest is visual social book marking. Full stop. Pinterest does not support:
tagging items
categorising items (ie. recipe, bookmark, movie etc).
have items show in multiple boards
easily search your own items
add notes/emails/ contacts (anything other than bookmarks basically)
private boards
boards you share with only select people
‘intelligent’ curation
making items actionable
‘The Board’ layout to organise things

I love Pinterest, but it really is about book marking and the social stuff. The new Springpad, with a ‘pinterest -inspired’ interface, is FAR FAR more powerful (& quite different) than Pinterest.

I also love Evernote (I pay for the Pro account), but the layout doesn’t make me ‘want’ to work with it. It’s boring, it’s ugly. It is also nowhere near as good for collaboration as either Pinterest or the new Springpad. I will still be using Evernote as a digital filing cabinet for my ‘boring’ stuff (like records, receipts, copies of PDFs & images so they are searchable, etc). But everything else is so much more useful, easily organised, & visually appealing in the new Springpad, so I will be migrating my 1000+ Pinterest pins and many of my Evernote notes onto Springpad. I’ve also finally got my boyfriend using a service to collaborate with me! I could never convince him of the useful-ness of Evernote or Pinterest (yes, he tried both) he just wanted to use shared folders in Dropbox all the time. We have started planning a Europe trip using Springpad now, and even he admits it is useful!

Now, I understand that if you were using this heavily for your own user- generated notes, or heavily for task management, the new design might not be as powerful. And of course I agree the app is far from perfect (I’ve been logging my irks on the Get Satisfaction boards). I also agree the rollout was clearly pretty abysmal, but don’t confuse poor release management with a poor product.

With a little time to work out the kinks, the new Springpad will have it’s own niche and could be very very successful.