I use Springpad quite regularly, actually, but I stopped using it as a task manager well before the change. I never found it to be a good app for me in that respect, so I dropped it and moved on to something else, choosing to use it for its strengths as they related to my workflow: visual bookmarking, occasional collaboration, and as a shopping assistant. That’s not to say that the task manager side of things didn’t work for others, or that it wouldn’t work for me — just that I found something else that I preferred.

I totally get that the changes may screw some people over in their workflow — and I agree 100% that the way the changes were introduced was very, very badly handled. It more than makes sense that the people who use the app to manage their workflow are shocked, angry, and ready to jump ship, especially when many woke up one morning to find their data gone — even if only temporarily. Springpad lost the trust of many users in one fell swoop.

If they can pull up from that nosedive, though, to believe they will attract more users. It’s hard to say whether they will be successful, ultimately, with this particular incident dragging them down, but I won’t be surprised to see them around for quite some time yet.