@Bobby – I have been a Springpad user ever since I got my first Android phone. I loved the app and I always recommended it to all my friends & on all Android boards as the best Android app.

The latest version 3.0 has ruined everything. I can’t believe they could roll out such a huge upgrade without testing it thoroughly first. I know SP have promised to iron out the bugs and change certain things but his has put a bad taste in the mouth. How could they release this version without testing it first??!!!

I have waited with them till 3.0.5 but it doesn’t seem that they are going to roll back the bad functionality. What we could do with one click, now we have to do with many more. Instead of making things simple, they are making things more difficult for simple tasks.

Collaboration etc is all well and good but why ruin a good working app with a great interface !!!???

I downloaded Evernote yesterday and am now migrating all my stuff from Springpad there.

Sad but unfortunately true.