My router failed on me this week which was bad timing as far as online apps are concerned, as I ended up pretty much relying on Calengoo for tasks and appointments, and Evernote for reference on my Android phone to get anything done. It’s made me reassess services like Gqueues which rely heavily on an internet connection, and to some extent Springpad as well. While 3G and HTML5 have been great leaps forward, in a Wi-fi dead zone the limitations have been pretty brutally exposed for me at least.

Ironic because before this I wouldn’t have even considered Evernote over Springpad because as a free user I couldn’t access offline notes. Now it turns out I can use both in true native format with Evernote regardless of connectivity whereas Springpad relies too heavily on a constant connection via Wifi or 3G. While I am thankful I still had online access through my 3G phone, it’s only made me realise the limits of reliance on connectivity 24/7.