From the comments, I see that you are more of a “light” Springpad user and don’t use as part of your everyday workflow.

[Quoting one of your comments…”I hear what you’re saying Lucas. I think that, because I stopped considering them an Evernote replacement a while back, and started utilizing them in other ways, the change wasn’t hard on me. It’s not a part of my everyday workflow, but more of an enhancement to what I do online and when out and about, and the new features make it even better, in my opinion. I don’t see a real loss in functionality, because everything I am used to doing with it is pretty much still there.”]

Just curious as to what you use for your workflow/to be productive. A lot of us using Springpad for GTD were seriously affected this past week. I had been using Springpad for the last two years, and I’m trying to figure out if I should abandon it as my “one stop shop” (which I would hate) if realistically they don’t want to cater to the GTD crowd. I don’t want to be stupid and try to hang on, having to go through multiple steps to get something done just for the sake of everything being in one spot if there are a lot easier alternatives out there.