Recent Springpad fixes:

– Notebook covers showing 0 items
– Attached notes viewable as comments on all apps
– Attached files accessible on web app
– Attached files show on mobile apps as quicklinks
– Android: crashing on 7″ tablets, crashing when sharing from other apps
– Android: adding tags
– Web & Android: create all types from scratch (without searching)
– Web & Android: Smaller notebook icons on home screen (coming to iOS soon)
– Backup (if you are still having issues, email me your username)

Still Broken and will be fixed soon:
– Comments not editable (all apps)
– Comments cannot be deleted on mobile apps
– iOS: Clipper issues
– iOS: Lots of crashes (v3.0.1 is awaiting approval from Apple)
– iOS: Hide completed in a notebook
– Android: International characters are garbled
– Android: Comments showing html
– Android: Checklist issues – hide completed & deleting items
– URL at top of bookmarks/recipes not clickable on mobile apps (the link at the bottom works, though)

– Android version 3.0.3 is available now, fixing crashes on 7″ tablets (and some other crashes), adding tags & making it easier to type in new things (of all types), added back homescreen shortcuts
– Attached files should now be available on the web (will be available on mobile soon), but they are a bit hard to find. You’ll see them at the top of the page, then you’ll need to select your chosen attachment & click on the big file icon to download it. We’ll make it more obvious soon.
– Coming in a couple of hours: Clipper issues will be fixed on the web & iOS (looks like this is done)