Very insightful comment, Chuck. I agree with you entirely that the rollout should have actually been a rollout over a bomb drop, and there are definitely some things that could have been handled better.

The disabling of offline access in Chrome is disappointing — my guess is it will probably come back (or they will finally let people have the much yelled/whined for desktop app). But you’re right: there is altogether too much guesswork. Things should have been much clearer, with documentation/tours and the ability to try the new Springpad for a while before the change was final. I don’t think they would have lost any media attention as a result. After all, the new users would still have the new interface. That approach would have, by necessity, limited the functionality they took away, as well.

Personally (and as I said further up), I like the new look, and haven’t been adversely affected by the changes — but my use of Springpad over the past year or so has been closer to what the new version is trying to achieve, anyway.

Oh — and the clipper… I hear you, man. The adding things even though you cancel has always been an issue, though. Try the bookmarklet. It smooths things out a bit.