i love the new springpad, i tried it a long time ago and didnt get on with it so went to evernote which i have been using for the past year, but after seeing the new update I thought i would give it another go and im impressed by it, the new look of the web site is great the layout of the notes is awesome and easy to find all my notes / web clippings etc.. alot nicer on the eye than evernote, like other articles have said its evernote and pintrest together in one app which to me is great, great for note taking, planning and even storing, if i had one complaint it would be that i think the web clipper (spring it could be better, as some pages ive clipped it just saves a picture and the web link, i think it would be great if you could select a article and picture from the page bit like you can do on evernote, and on my android phone all i get is a picture and the web link, no other details or information, so at the moment im having to copy and paste the article or pictures or information from the web page to a blank note within springpad. which is easy to do on the net but not on a phone. And also hope for offline note availability. And as for people moaning about the social aspect, you dont have to use it, just set your notebooks to private its easy