I hear what you’re saying Lucas. I think that, because I stopped considering them an Evernote replacement a while back, and started utilizing them in other ways, the change wasn’t hard on me. It’s not a part of my everyday workflow, but more of an enhancement to what I do online and when out and about, and the new features make it even better, in my opinion. I don’t see a real loss in functionality, because everything I am used to doing with it is pretty much still there.

If my workflow were centred on Springpad, my reaction would likely have been more toward the “AHHHHHH” — because it’s my workflow. My everyday routine would have to be rethought. Even if it ends up being better in the long run, there is no way that won’t cause stress. Hopefully, people will be able to give the new version a chance, and will be able to use it for what it is becoming over what they hoped it would be.

And when I say what it’s becoming, I don’t mean Pinterest. I can’t get in to Pinterest. It does very little for me, and seems more like a way for me to waste time than to get anything done. For my job, I have to use and understand it, but it doesn’t do much for me, personally (my wife loves it, though). If Pinterest had some of the actionable features of Springpad, though, I might have loved it more.