I was a fan of Springpad for about 3 years, participating on Get Satisfaction trying to make Springpad better for our needs and beeing happy with the several updates, the chrome extension, the widgets on android and go on, but now really they made a big big fail. Let’s suppose that the update make all working great, but its all broken, son unprofessional update. It has to be a MUST to bring to users the option to use the old interface instead. You can’t make a such big update with so many bugs and changes. I sadly will back to Evernote instead. I believe that this change is for the Pinterest boom, and with Springpad you could make the same things, but Springpad is just different. Is for make notes, clip webs, recipes, movies, books, tasks lists, grocery lists, organize them on notebooks, etc,and ALSO you have the possibilty to share all of this thins, but the main purpose of Springpad is and to save personal things and interests and be in some way more organized and productive.

So sad Springpad. I wish you go back for what we love you someday.