Much of the complaints are about issues due to Server Overload. In my opinion, up to some point, that’s acceptable and I know they going to fix that.

My main concerns are about the new UI design. Is it beautiful? Yes! Is it user oriented? Not at all!

The new design makes using this site painful. Specially for those that had already created an organization system around the previous version features. Navigation got complicated and what could be done with one click, now needs two.

If the goal is to turn Springpad into a Pinterest like Social Network, they’re probably in the right track. But in order to do that, Springpad ignored some features that makes Evernote a better app and that users have been requesting and eagerly waiting for years. Such as: Improve Sharing options, notebooks Inside notebooks, better writing features and many others.

Sharing itself, despite collaboration, had no improvements at all. You’re still not able to share a single note, without displaying all your notebooks content. So, It’s all or nothing. This alone is enough for me not using it for really important stuff, that sometimes needs to be shared with someone else.

They need to define who they are going to be and do it as fast as possible. I fear that this move will just throw Springpad in some sort of App’s Limbo. It might just get stuck in between Evernote and Pinterest.