@Bobby, I don’t agree with you at all. For many of us, Springpad was an Evernote Alternative. Now it’s not anymore. Now is another Facebook-like thing, with followers, comments and social everywhere. And some of us didn’t wanted another social thing (I’ve enough yet with FB, G+, Twitter and Tumblr).

I wanted Springpad to save and sort the things I was finding on the Internet, to organice projects and tasks attaching notes and attachments to it. Now, the notes are comments! That is not respect for the customer data, they’re playing with our data. When Google introduces a big change, you have the option to test the new interface and, if you don’t like it, turn back to the older. Here, yesterday I went to bed with my notebooks, and today I woke up with Pinterest instead of Springpad!

Also, this is the 3rd time they totally redesign and change all of it, and that really confuse and tire the customers. And the iOS app is deplorable. I don’t understand why companies make totally different design for desktop and for devices. You totally lose the feeling of being using the same service (look how Trello do it perfectly well).

Bye Springpad.