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Import Your iTunes Playlists into Rdio With Trnsmit


So you have a ton of carefully crafted playlists in iTunes, and are hopping onto the streaming music bandwagon. You probably don’t want to recreate those playlists by hand. If Rdio is your streaming music service of choice, you can get your playlists into Rdio with a third party web app, Trnsmit.

To get started, head over to the Trnsmit page and click the “Log-in to Rdio” button.

Trnsmi dialog

You’ll be taken to the Rdio site, and asked to authorize Trnsmit to access your data. After you do that, you’ll be returned to a Trnsmit page that gives you instructions about what to do next:

1. In iTunes, select your playlist from the sidebar.

2. Then, in the menubar, choose File → Library → Export Playlist…. Select XML format.

3. Save. Remember where you saved the file.

Once you’ve followed these steps, click the “Choose File” button, and select the XML file (the file type is important) that you saved in step 3, above. After that, it’s a matter of clicking the Add Playlist to Rdio button.

Trnsmit choose file

Trnsmit will then spend a few moments preparing your playlist. The duration seems to depend on the number of tracks in your playlist. When done, you’ll see a confirmation screen with a link to your playlist, which has been added to your Rdio account.

Trnsmit finished

Trnsmit is a free service, and quite the time saver. If you know of other methods to get playlists into streaming services, let us know in the comments.