I just switched from Asana to Producteev for web-task management and love it. The one thing missed here is that sub-tasks are also not available in the native Mac and PC apps, which is frustrating.

Having looked at a handful of product management apps, I have to say, there is still nothing that compares to tasks in Microsoft Outlook. Now, I’ve switched to Mac and don’t use Outlook anymore (Outlook for Mac sucks) and so I’ve been forced to find another solution but I am still left wanting.

What I miss the most is reading an email and being able to create a task from that email with one click, making the subject of the email the title of the task and the email content as the “notes” field in the task (you could create calendar events in the same way, which I miss just as much). I am waiting for both Google and Apple to integrate mail, calendar, and tasks in the same way. I hope I won’t be waiting too long.

Brian Frumberg