Blip never “forces songs” on me per say. What I mean by Turntable “forces me to become more of a balanced Dj and listener” is when you are on stage Djing with fellow Djs you really have to listen to what the others are playing to stay in theme with the room rather than just playing what you prefer sometimes.

On the other hand, I do choose Blip when I’m in more of a relaxed mode/non-chatty or AFK. Even when replying, I rarely listen to the replied song unless I want to hear it. If the song is really something I wouldn’t play on Blip I will go as far as cutting & pasting my reply on a different “preferred” song I would play for my listeners. I do this because I view my Blip station more like internet radio station and I only play tunes that I would listen to as well.

Just wanted to clarify these points and Ty for the reply back!