Awesome post Karma!!

I am currently both a and DJ. I have been DJing on Blip for over 2 years and on Turntable for just over 2 weeks now.

Here are a few key take-aways from my vantage point:

* Blip lost many of my DJs/listeners to Turntable after Aug. 27, 2011 due to the loss of user’s MP3 uploads as described in your post.

* I currently spend more time DJing on Turntable compared to Blip because many of my U.S. based DJs are now spending more of their time on Turntable and it is the “new” cool site with a better user interface IMHO.

* Being a die-hard blipper, I still use the Blip site regularly to check in with my fave DJs/listeners still on the site and play “available” music and/or YouTube videos. Blip users now have limited access and/or no access to many artist/bands due to copyright restrictions.

* Turntable “forces” me to become more of a balanced DJ and listener. I have to be more proactive with my track selections in keeping with the theme of the room. The Turntable format makes me really have to listen to the other DJs songs versus than just spinning my own tunes.

* On the other hand, when I feel like just playing and listening to my own music selections I prefer the Blip format. Blip does not limit the quantity of songs played per artist/band. RE (per Turntable FAQ): “The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) prevents us from playing more than three songs from one album or four songs from one artist in a three hour period.”

In summary, I prefer the Turntable user interface and I have discovered many new tunes from having to “listen” to what your fellow DJs on stage are playing. But if I want to just “play” a specific artist/band with no restrictions (except for availability and/or quality) I choose Blip. Both sites have their advantages and disadvantages and I recommend all DJs (Blip, Turntable, and newbies) to try both and decide which format suits your individual music desires/needs. Rock on! \m/