I think both sites have their ups and downs, and it really depends on your preference which site you prefer. Turntable gives a more personal experience with it’s chat box where Blip offers quick comments. You also do not have to worry about playing the same song over and over while having a convo with someone at TT like you do at blip. And other is a lot less drama at TT….those of us that are longtime blippers know what I’m talking about.

Personally, I prefer Turntable over blip when I want to interact with people and have a good time while listening to music. Blip is a good way to hear your tunes without having to worry about talking to others if you are not in the mood to.

Turntable is a new site and will have more options available as the site grows. For now, it’s as good as one could ask in a fledgling site and only grows with time, whereas blip seems to be losing options more and more. I left blip due to the inability to upload songs and them taking out a good bit of music. But I can still be seen there from time to time.

In closing, I think that Turntable is a better site for having fun and getting a certain style of music instead of random ones you get in a blipstream. Not to mention you hear a song once, and then it’s done whereas in blip you hear it at lest twice if it’s reblipped.

Both sites are good for finding new music but for me, Turntable is just the better option at this point. More laid back and more interactive.