WordPress, WordPress WordPress. If you like being limited to what you can do with how ANYTHING on your sites looks and feels like go with the one CMS that has more community users than that of World of Warcraft. I work very closely with a lot of very high up clients, a lot of them use Apple products and have absolutely 0 idea when it comes to things like customization. Sure you can hand them something that functions like the Apple product world would, which is that it’s (no offense) “retard friendly”. A client of mine over at Dreamworks has said just that. I checked out SS (funny that’s their initials being their unlimited features are bound in a very Nazi aspect of ethics against the weak) and I would have to say, if you have no budget and no respect for your business and clientele then stick with SS.

If you were to learn a little bit about the world you wish your business to thrive in, I say stick with WordPress. Now, I’ve only been using WP for 4 years now and yes, I’m very comfortable with the unlimited amount of customization I can give all my clients. I mean, you get a plugin, you can change key features on that very plugin by doing a Google search. I say you may as well do what your customers are going to be doing to find you so you know what it’s like. Don’t know how to Google? Start there “How do I Google?”

Overall, my ethics are to never limit it you can offer such a thing. With WP you can. With SS you cannot.