Thanks for this great review. I’m relatively new to WordPress, I blogged for the first time for a client startings of earlier this year, after using Blogger since 2004 and Tumblr since last year. I chanced upon Squarespace today after admiring a site powered by Squarespace (this one just loved it and remembered that years ago — 2005 — I’d played around with it. So the new and improved Squarespace is stunning and seems much more customizable than WordPress or Tumblr for a non-coder like myself. I’m actually annoyed with Google for not doing more to make Blogger even better considering how much ad revenue Blogger bloggers bring in using Adsense! For instance, it’s really tricky to center images in gadgets and if you play with the widths it throws off any tweaking I do with the HTML. It seems so basic … I do keep going back to Blogger. I am looking forward to playing with the new Squarespace, too!