I like this: “Have any of you tired [sic] Squarespace?” Just about sums up how I feel about it: tired.

I’ve done the WordPress thing, the hosted WP thing and now the Squarespace (SS) thing. Having programmed my first site in Notepad, I’d say I have above average HTML coding experience. But I found the time/energy/know-how of WP to be just way too much to handle, so I moved to Squarespace, thinking I’d do the blog and the standard business website all in one place.

I find the SS blog functionality to be a little clunky compared to WP. And I posted a few test posts, then tried to export them, and that was a total no-go. And last time I checked (a few months ago), the post-by-email function worked poorly. It truncated text that was mailed in. Frustrating.

So I moved my blog to Blogger. I find posting is a breeze, it handles my corporate colors well (hired a designer to handle this), and I *love* being able to click over to Blogger from links in Google Apps (not to mention not having to sign in twice).

I continue to host my corporate site on SS.

What I’m waiting for is the day when Google Sites will obviate the need for both SS and WordPress. Or when the hosted version of WordPress works as seamlessly as Blogger and as flexibly as the self-hosted version of WP.

Maybe that’s too much to ask. What do you think?

One thing’s for sure: if I do go back to WP, I’ll pay someone to administrate it.

BTW, 40tech rocks your mama’s socks off!