Hiya, great idea to use Evernote and Producteev together. You’re on the money too on your assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. I only just got a producteev account on the back of Task List on my Android phone which I’d originally set up with Remember The Milk but have been getting frustrated with because of interface issues where you couldn’t swipe between lists or reorder your to do lists by drag and drop – like the program otherwise but these just seem obvious to me. Evernote has been an integral part of my life since discovering it last year. If David Podhola gets his app off the ground that’d be great and good luck.I hope Producteev do well as I don’t think they’re such a big company. The combination of Evernote Producteev Google calendar and Task List should be sweet but it’s a bit of a pfaff using several programs … you’d have thought somebody would do it all in one by now … Evernote seem to be on the up n up always rolling out an improvement on either their PC desktop program or on Android. They have the feel of a company with the right combination of drive ambition and vision combined with that vital bit of financial backing to keep growing … for instance their acquisition and integration of Skitch is really nice. I’d not heard of this but now I use a skitch note as a “header” for my notes in Evernote as it comes up as the little icon so you can quickly see what your note is about without reading the title … not something I’d have done if they hadn’t added that to their portfolio. Along with their vastly improved Android tablet app all I really need is for them to get drag and drop implemented on their notes so I can use it as a to do list along with Google calendar integration and I’d be well chuffed. Hope Producteev stay afloat until then … I felt a little sorry for them when I saw their website blog link saying sorry they only have one programmer … Still, thanks for your blog it’s pretty good (British understated high level compliment :-))