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Another (Better?) Google+ Search Tool

Google Plus Search

No sooner did I write about a service yesterday to find people on Google+, than mentions of another service started popping up in my Google+ stream. This one might be even better, especially if you want to search by city or topic.

Google+ Search is a site that reminds me of the Google search page in its simplicity. You’re presented with a logo, a search box, and not much else. At first glance, I didn’t expect much from the site. When I plugged my city and state into the search box, though, I was pleasantly surprised. While Find People on Plus, which we mentioned yesterday, gave flakey location-based search results, every single result that I got back from Google+ Search was actually someone from the geographic area in which I searched.  I also tried a search by topic (“Phillies” in my case) and once again I got good results.

The results that are returned come from Google+, Google Profiles, Buzz, and Google Reader. You can also filter the results, though, to only show results from any one of those services.

Do you know of any other great Google+ tools? If so, let us know in the comments. And if you need an invite, hit up our Google+ invitation post.