Thanks for the suggestion, Martin. To be perfectly honest, we don’t currently have plans to go back and update the various reviews and comparisons that we’ve done on the site over the past few years. Unfortunately, with over 700 posts on the site, many (maybe most) of them probably have outdated information, and it would be a full time job to monitor the many apps and products we’ve covered, and update the posts for changes. Given the speed at which the tech world changes (including apps), it is pretty safe to assume that most stories become outdated sooner or later. Unlike the current trend with many sites, where the date of a post isn’t given, we do put the date on our posts (just below the story title), in the hopes that readers will see how new or old the info is.

Anyway, sorry I couldn’t give a better answer, but I didn’t want to say we were going to do something, just so I’d sound good, when I knew that it was beyond our current capabilities.