Hi Russ! Thank you for your comment.

There is currently no web app for 2Do, which is why I chose to sync 2Do’s iPhone app with Toodledo’s web app. My article was written from the perspective of GTD on the go, but I too prefer to enter tasks on a computer, rather than the small iPhone screen and keyboard, if possible. Toodledo also has an iPhone app but at the time it didn’t offer as many features as 2Do and didn’t look as good (still doesn’t). I believe there’s now also an Android version of 2Do and a Mac app is planned.

Since you say you’re a Google person I suppose you also use Gcal? If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution covering Gcal events, Toodledo (web) tasks, notes and contacts you may want to have a look at Pocket Informant. There are iOS, Android and Blackberry versions and a web app is in beta.

I hope this was helpful. :)