Thanks for the response. I am wondering what you use for a calendar. I have been an avid Palm Tungsten e user for many years and am trying to totally transition to the iphone. Toodledo is working for tasks and I’m going to check out 2Do also but I”m still looking for a calendar replacement that even comes close to the capabilities of my archaic palm pilot. It seems like everyone has gone to google. I would like to sync from PC, to iphone & ipad seamlessly with no glitches. Do you have any thoughts on Pocket Informant? It appears to be a powerful task & calendar app. Any other organizational apps that you recommend? One more thing, since you mostly use 2Do what do you mainly use Toodledo for? Thanks again for any advice. BTW, I really like GTD methodology and recently have read the Manage Your Now book and added some of its principles which actually works well with GTD.