I’m using a SE Xperia Pro. It’s a single core 1GHz with 1500mAh battery. At first, the normal story of barely surviving until 6pm. There are probably alternatives, but I now use Juice Defender and Juice Plotter that graphs my battery decline (good for identifying what’s causing the drain). The key battery drain for me was down to wireless: most phones are either staying connected to wireless when screen is off or repeatedly trying to connect to 2G3G4G data and a variety of programs may be syncing necessarily. JuiceDefender Ultimate (and others too, I presume) will manage wireless exactly how you want it. I’ve set it to:
1. Prioritize known WiFi over data, connecting only when I unlock the screen. 5 second delay before connection? Not too bad a price.
2. Wireless/data turns off when screen is off, unless it’s above a set threshold. This way, if any downloading/uploading is happening, the connection stays until data exchange is complete. I also set certain programs (TuneIn Radio) to keep connection if screen is off.
3. Set autosync – I set an hourly sync so syncing of facebook, calendars, some emails, RSS feeds is controlled.
Juice plotter shows the autosyncs (once an hour, or whenever) uses 2% of battery and if I don’t turn the screen on between syncs, there is zero drain until the next sync.
Continuous WiFi drains battery at a rate of about 12% per hour. Music works at approx 5% drain per hour or better if I leave it on shuffle.
Either way, I’ve not gone down to 50% at the end of the working day since using battery management. There’s no standard day, or course, but it usually includes texting, internet searches, calendars, scheduling, todos, a few phone calls. And i’ve still got a couple of hours of sofa surfing for the evening. The first smartphone I’ve used freely, without worrying it’ll run out of battery before I get home.