I’d love to have a smart phone, but this is a big reason why I don’t. I need to be available 24/7 for potential calls for my job (systems analyst for a large company – sometimes things break at 2 AM), and “oops, my cell phone was dead” is a lousy excuse. My “dumb” phone (Samsung Slider) gets 5 days from a charge, easy.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with a super-high capacity battery for smart phones yet. Or maybe they HAVE, but the phone manufacturers keep adding battery-draining features. Imagine how much money a battery company could make if they designed a battery that would run a smart phone for 5 days between charges. Or 10 … or 30.

Also surprised that there aren’t any phones that use kinetic or solar energy to recharge. Imagine being stranded in the desert with a dead phone … wait an hour and the sun charges the battery enough for you to make a call. Or shake it back and forth to charge the battery.

I would think that people who are on the go a lot could keep their phones charged just from the motion of their bodies.