Lifehacker. Getting less useful though I have to say since Gina left, but still in my Top 10.

HowToGeek ( Gradually seems to be overtaking Lifehacker for me. Especially since Jason Fitzpatrick moved over there from Lifehacker.

Digital Inspiration ( Less frequent posts certainly than LH and H2G but of good quality.


Productivity501. Not just tech but has some good tech tips.


Evernote: If you’re going to allow yourself Twitter, then I must be allowed Evernote! Every tip I like and feel that may come in handy in the future, is stuffed into EN, so if I do need it later I can find it easily due to EN’s great search ability – and I only have to look for it in one place rather than in any one of 10/15 likely sites/blogs!.

40Tech. Of course!