Hello there!

I am writing from my Joli OS. Actually the OS is pretty nice and much, much faster than Windows 7 Starter installed by default on my netbook.

I haven’t been using Joli OS for a long time but I am quite amazed by the possibilities offered. In particular, as I already said, the smooth flow. It is good to use a Linux product again.

However, I am not completely used to web apps. I still want my old native apps, and I am quite disappointed not to find Firefox to install from the desposit directory. Anyway, Chromium is fast, and run most of the Web Apps, which are more or less bookmarks as someone said previously, but I would like Firefox to browse the web.

The organization of the apps need to be rethought a little bit to fit a netbook, which is not a smartphone, but the concept is good.

See ya.