This is no joke. I just won’t tell. It’s too brilliant for it. I have Asperger’s Syndrom (search for it on youtube or if you don’t know what it is) and came up with the most brilliant idea for this app two years ago already. It does not exist yet and nobody thought of this either, yet. It is just so simple though but this will turn the news- and media-world completely upside down and can devastate companies like CNN, Google Hangout, Facebook and others ánd TV in general. It’s just too big. (estimate of $21 billion a year turnover only ;) I will talk only in person with signed NDA. I tried to contact Google, but am just not able to get any contact there. At this moment i am willing to discuss with other companies than Google ánd travel across the globe for it to get it done. Are you interested? If not, please let me know as well.