Dear Alastair,
I recently submitted 2 ideas to your company via my iPhone.The first idea was turned down,but I received an acknowledgement email(from the Fundedapp team) and almost immediately a receipt from the iTunes store for the amount of 1pound and 19pence.The second idea is still pending, however I noticed I did not get a receipt right away and after a few emails,a few days later I got the receipt from the Itune store but noticed this time I had been billed for 1 pound and 49 pence.The fundedapp team claims the increase came from the Apple store,and while am still waiting to hear from the store,I wander why the fundedapp application on my iPhone still reads 1pound and 19pence.In anycase I should not be charged any extra, other than the price on offer at the time the idea was submitted.I am now beginning to wander how straight forward this organisation really is.