Hi Alistair, thanks for taking the time to comment on the post!

I do agree that FundedApps is a brilliant idea and business model, and will likely be the breeding ground for some excellent future applications, and that is always exciting. From a user perspective, however, while I agree that your terms of use are set up to be as obviously fair to all as possible, I would like to see a clause that specifically states that, upon rejection of an app idea, the user retains full intellectual property rights and can therefore do what they like with their idea without fear of competition from FundedApps. If you are keeping the ideas in a database for potential further development, maybe you should consider soft-rejections and full rejections as a path, with the user being given a choice as to whether or not they wish to keep their idea with you.

Thanks again for the comment and clarifications — and I look forward to seeing your case studies! :D