Hi Mike,

Try out a couple different builds, as you might find one that works for you. I’ve had good luck with the one I link to in the article. You may want to try Flow again first, though, as it is known to be pretty stable. I believe that the username and password for first login is facepunch. You can find the details of that on hexxeh’s site in the FAQ. After the first login, you can logout and then in again wi your google account. The Vanilla builds fix the need for a base login, which is nice.

Also, especially for Flow, it is best to do your first login with a wired Internet connection. The Vanilla build solved that for me, as well, but it will likely depend on your laptop’s network card. If yours is a Broadcom anything you might find issues as they still don’t play well with Linux.

Hope these notes are helpful! The hexxeh FAQ is pretty good, and hexxeh is pretty helpful for things not covered in it — though if it comes down to a hardware compatibility issue, there is not much to be done.

Good luck! Let me know how it works out. :D