I was curious after reading this and wanted to try a Vanilla build myself. I have an Acer Aspire Revo (Nettop) and it is dual boot with XP pro sp3, and Windows 7. I downloaded the latest Vanilla build which was dated Feb 25th.
I wrote it to my flash drive (Sandisk Cruzer Micro) and rebooted from it. All I got was a blinking cursor. I rebooted again and still, just a blinking cursor. I then logged back into Win 7 and reformatted my flash drive, went back to the website and downloaded Flow. After writing the image to my drive and rebooting from it I got the logon screen for Flow and was very excited. Typed my gmail username and password, hit enter and nothing:( All it did was ask for Username and password again. I re-entered the info hit enter and nothing again. Seemed to just do nothing after entering my login info. I have since reformatted my cruzer and will try again with Vanilla. Hope it works. If not, I’ll watch your site for any updates. Thanks for the article.