I originally started using Springpad after 40tech mentioned it for the first time last year – April or May time frame if I remember right. It is a great web app and is very good at what it does. However, at the end of last year I switched over to Evernote because Springpad has what I consider a couple of big flaws.

The biggest one is there is no HTTPS access besides the login page. With the amount I spend connected through a wifi that is not my home I need constant a HTTPS connection, especially for a service that wants to be my memory. I do not feel comfortable putting things in SP while out and about anymore.

Another is the primitive text editor that they have. No multiple indentations and hard to get a note formatted to look nice so it is easy to read and follow.

Currently there is currently no way to get information out of Springpad, they mention that an API is in progress (been in progress for a while now) so once that is implemented maybe there will be a way.

The “New Filters” they are hyping really are nothing new. They existed before they made the change to the notebook layout, looks like they just reimplemented what was in place before. No real advance search operators.

Now I really do like the Springpad service and am watching their updates closely. Once they get a few more things fixed up I will defiantly move back from Evernote as the Notebooks and how they help organize things work great for me. With Evernote there is more work involved whereas with Springpad it just works. Hopefully in the near future we see some more updates that address a couple of more things.