Thanks Evan… Well in answer to your question yes I tried it from step two and was working from the Mac, but that still did not resolve the issue, so I had a call (well several calls) with Amazon.

– The first guy had me delete and reinstall my ‘Kindle for Mac’… Which didn’t work!

– The second guy told me that he would call me back and then confirmed what I already knew and basically said he couldn’t help and that I needed to use bookmarks for the time being until I got past the furthest point read on the Kindle for Mac (where there was the problem: and everything else was syncing to).


Finally the same chap called me back and said that in talking to a colleague within Amazon and they actually HAVE A FACILITY TO RESET THE FURTHEST READ PAGE from there end! He did so and low and behold it has fixed my problem. All of my devices are working from the same point.

He said that they are/or may be working on a way for users to do this themselves but its not available for the time being and he encouraged me to call back if I had a similar problem.

SO that’s the answer folks. Call them and have them reset it for you… problem solved. As it should be!!!

Yes it would be great to have access to do this ourselves but I’ve invested a couple of hours on this so that you all don’t have to… and its back to calling them up. Given that it was a Sunday afternoon I am pretty impressed overall.

Happy Days.