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Top 10 Posts of 2010

top 10 posts of 2010

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means that it must be time for  . . .  a year-end list.  In this list, we’re going to look at the ten most popular posts of 2010 on 40Tech, based on page views.  Please note that these are posts that were published in 2010.  Is this a silly exercise, since posts from earlier in the year had more time to accumulate page views?  Yep.  Is that going to stop us from taking a look at the stats anyway?  Nope.

Image by woodley wonderworks

1.  Springpad vs. Evernote – Why It Might Be Better . . .

We love ourselves some Evernote here at 40Tech, and our readers do, too, based on the traffic we get for any Evernote-related post.  Many readers are comparing Evernote with the competition, though, as this post looking at Springpad vs. Evernote proved.

2.  Task Manager Comparison: Toodledo vs. Remember the Milk

Toodledo ranks up there with Evernote and LastPass among my favorite apps, and this comparison between Toodledo and Remember the Milk explains why.

3.  Remote Access Shootout: LogMeIn vs. TeamViewer

There are many reasons why you might want to connect to a computer remotely.  Here, we compare two popular tools for doing so.

4. Sync Tool Comparison: Dropbox vs. Syncplcity vs. SugarSync

Many of us work in multiple locations.  Here we look at three tools for keeping files synced between computers.

5.  Producteev 2 Stands Task Management On Its Ear With A Fast, Easy, Cross-Platform Solution

My love for Toodledo is rivaled by Bobby’s affection for Producteev,  In this post, he explains why Producteev is so awesome.

6. Shelfster vs. Evernote – Well, Sort Of

While we love Evernote, we’re not averse to trying out other organizational tools.  Here, Bobby takes a look at Shelfster, “a free tool that attempts to bridge the gap between note taking/web clipping and annotation/social sharing.”

7.  10 More Productive uses of Evernote

Yes, Evernote again.  Here, we look at ten additional ways to put Evernote to work for you.

8.  GTD in Producteev: Utilizing Multiple Workspaces

Bobby’s post on turning Evernote into a GTD tool was so popular, that we knew he had to have another GTD trick up his sleeve.  Here, he talks about using Producteev as a GTD tool.

9.  The Hunt for a Google Wave Replacement, Part I: Shareflow

It now appears that Google Wave will live on in the hands of the Apache Software Foundation.  Earlier this year, after the demise of Wave was first reported, we looked at a few alternatives, including Shareflow.

10. Springpad Beats Evernote – At Least on Android

Comparisons of Evernote and Springpad took the #1 and #10 spots on our list this year.  In this one, Josh looks at the Android version of both apps.

Did you have a favorite post in 2010, or one that you found to be particular helpful?