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Forget Dropbox – Use This Notepad Clone To Sync Text Files to Google Docs Instead

nocs 576x200

While Evernote is great if you take lots of notes that you want to save, it can be a bit cumbersome for quick notes.  Dropbox is great, too, but doesn’t allow for quick editing of files unless you’re on a computer that has Dropbox installed.  If you are a frequent user of Windows’ native Notepad app, and want to have your notes accessible on any computer, check out Nocs. Nocs looks much like Windows’ Notepad app, but with the option to save your text files to Google Docs.

Nocs save screen

When you first start Nocs, you need to input your Google credentials.  Then, when you save a text document, you can choose to save it locally, or to your Google Docs account.  When you save to your Google Account, you can designate a folder into which you can place your document.  In the future, when you want to load your document, you choose the “Browse Google Docs” option in the File menu.  From there, you’re presented with a list of your Google Docs folders on the left of the popup screen, and the documents within each folder on the right.

nocs load page

Nocs loads fast, and also autosaves in the background (if you enable that feature in the preferences).  It also supports multiple tabs.  The best part?  It is free.  Nocs is Windows only.

Nocs [via CyberNet News]