I hear you, Darren. I think Netflix will improve over time — and it is honestly good enough at the moment to at least take advantage of the free trial — but it will likely be a slow and arduous process. It is better than the next to nothing we had before, but that won’t satisfy people.

Movie and music companies complain about the amount of piracy in Canada, but in this, they are actually causing the problem. It is way too easy for someone to try to go the legit path to watch popular content, find themselves blocked — and then fire up a torrent client. That’s not to say it’s the right thing to do, any more than it’s acceptable to love your neighbour’s car, find out you need a special license, get annoyed and go for a joy ride… but I can see where it will only increase the problem, not decrease it, as they may have hoped.

Over-stringent rules breeds black markets. It’s a fact of life.