I am familiar with Randy Pausch — quite a fellow. I would have appreciated him as a teacher. In fact, it was one of my own teachers — and my awe at the amount of things he could get done and still maintain a happy family life — that inspired me toward my time management obsession to begin with. The man was amazing!

I do believe that sub-tasks are on the docket in an upcoming release, but there is no finite timeline that I am aware of. Seeing labels in overview mode (optionally, or it could get messy) would be cool, as well as being able to sort by them. YOu can do something like that in Springpad, and it can be handy. Springpad has the capability to have persistent labels across notebooks though, and I would love for Producteev to implement some sort of specialized, cross-workspace label capability. If they allowed custom filters in Overview mode as well, it would be perfect!

I don’t recall, offhand, if I have had your particular issue with Gcal — usually, when I change a due date, in Gcal or Producteev, it re-syncs just fine. You may want to contact Producteev’s support. They are very good. If you have some sort of problem getting a hold of them, let me know.

As long as it takes, I’m interested. I’m in the process of starting a productivity focused blog with another 40Tech reader, Daniel Gold (find him at http://dangoldesq.wordpress.com/, or on Twitter as @dangoldesq) — it could be your post will work very well on there, as well. Keep in touch! :D