The “Today” list in Producteev (i.e. tasked that are scheduled for today) should ideally work exactly as a physical list on real paper – or rather BE that list. Having an iPhone (or as soon as the Producteev android app comes out, an Android phone), one could refer to the “today” list on-the-go. However I would never dissuade anyone from using a physical list, you should really do work works for you. However having that total list of all tasks that needs doing (The essence of the GTD system) is a very good idea, and this big list is just much more practical in electronic form since it’s quickly organizable and filterable. I agree, no need to be a purist!

I actually haven’t even read David Allen’s book yet, just seen some interviews etc. on Youtube and read a few articles, so I don’t even know the complete system – I might not even agree with everything in it hehe. However I do agree with everything in Randy Pausch’s Time Management lecture (I’m sure you know it, google it if you don’t), and that particular video is actually what got me started on thinking about how I spend my time.

As for Producteev I really miss two things at the moment: subtasks and seeing labels in the overview mode. These two things would GREATLY improve the possibilities and experience.

the Gcal issue is that especially when I reschedule tasks in Producteev, the tasks keep hanging on to the original dates in Gcal etc., it just doesn’t update properly. I would be nice if this could work 100% reliable, so that I could use the gcal throughout the day as the only place I’d had to look for what I have to do, and where I have to be, but for now I need both a Gcal and Producteev window open to do this.

It might take me a little while to get all of this under control, as much as up to 6 months, but I’ll let you know then ;)