Wow, that is one monster reply! O.o

I’ll do my best to answer everything, but will be moving paragraph by paragraph.

– By quick label sorts I mean that I create a few very specific labels in a workspace to be able to quickly sort for specific types of tasks in context workspaces. Examples would be project-specific labels, or labels that indicate how long a task might take. That way, when I’m in a task-heavy context/workspace, I can make everything I don’t want to look at right then and there vanish quickly before overwhelm sets in. :)

Custom filters play into that as well, as I can create a custom smart filter in a workspace, add multiple labels to it, and then add that filter to the sidebar with Hot and Inbox and friends. Instant saved search.

– Using the Chrome Bookmark bar to provide quicklinks to your workspaces is nothing short of brilliant, Gandalf! Very clever usage, especially as it keeps your productivity system right in front of you while you are working. Add in the Producteev extension and/or the Shareaholic extension, and you have everything you need just a click away while you are in the browser. I just might use that!

– Wunderlist is a web app as well. You can install it from the Chrome Web Store. It’s definitely not as powerful as Producteev, but the interface is very cool, and I think it would be a good minimalist GTD management tool. It will be interesting to see where they go with it, or what their upcoming commercial offering will be capable of.

– I had a feeling that the start date idea may have already been proposed. Here’s hoping it makes the list in the next couple of iterations.

I like your stars approach. That may not work for some, but as long as it helps you get what you need done, right? I wonder if you might be able to use the smart filters in some way here… I’ll have to think on that. Maybe some sort of Starring, Due Date, Label combination or something…

– Thanks for the compliment RE: the guest post on the Producteev blog! I really enjoyed writing it, and hope that it lends some value to people. :D

– I’m a fan of physics — but we are purely platonic and just hang out for coffee every once in a while.

– Your system seems fairly straightforward and functional. I would be careful using the stars (or lack thereof) as a someday/maybe tool though. That could get out of hand if you get busy, even with weekly reviews.

– Time buffers are definitely important. And you should only schedule what you absolutely need to, or it might defeat the purpose of contexts altogether, and lead to overscheduling, which will become stressful. Maybe it would be better to just focus on priority within the contexts, as well as the potential length of time a task will take. Schedule everything that is important enough to need a reminder. That way, you can let the priorities within the context of where you are float to the top and just knock them off one after the other, and can schedule reminders for things that dictate where you need to be.

If you aren’t already using the Google Calendar connection, you should consider it. You could schedule a reminder in Producteev, and then pop into Google Calendar and add a more complex reminder, one that stretched back a ways, if you need it to. Another possible option to play with is to use the recurring task options to keep the task live from start date to end date. Again, Gcal has much more powerful recurring task features.

Where my suggestions re: scheduling might trip you up, though, is with the Pomodoro technique, since it is so heavily time-based. I am familiar with it, and I think your use of it is pretty awesome here. It’s a bit granular for my tastes — though I have no doubt the granular nature would help increase efficiency.

Honestly, I think you have that part pretty solidly worked out, and I’m curious to see where you go with it. In fact, once you have everything set up the way you like it and thoroughly tested, I would love it if you sent me an email/post so I can add it to our Reader Workflow series!

And dude, if that is your real name, you have some seriously awesome parents! :D