Hi! Gandalf — and I gotta tell you, I’m lovin’ the name!

Yeah, I realized quickly that my senses would be crushed without disseminating tasks into their own little boxes. I still need to make sure I do quick label sorts in some hefty context workspaces to not frighten myself into non-functionality. :P

I actually don’t mind the dropdown — or, rather, I stopped once I got used to it. I didn’t like having to click click click to scroll workspaces, and the dropdown solved that, though I would have been happy with just a faster and smoother way to scroll the tabs.

I agree that Producteev is the best I’ve tried as well. There are a few creeping up, like Wunderlist, but it can’t compare with the functionality yet — though it is amazing to look at.

I agree that the dating distinction would be an asset. Have you mentioned it to them? They are pretty open and often ridiculously cool.

I’m guessing I already answered your last question… :P I am definitely still digging on Producteev. In fact, I wrote a guest post for them, just the other day called How to Deal When GTD Kicks Your Ass: 5 Steps to Sanity. Check it out below, if you like! :D


How’s your setup working out for you? Did you employ any special tweaks to make it flow just for you?