I’ve been using Producteev for a while and for the most part I’m loving it. I started out thinking that I’d only need one workspace because I like to have it all collected in one place and not having to click around different workspaces. However I’ve come to realize that I do get overwhelmed by the sheer volume and visual of 50+ tasks in one workspace.

Looking at the topmost screenshot it’s REALLY puzzling that Producteev would change the layout from having workspaces laid out across the top bar, to them being hidden in a dropdown menu, hiding the workspace list from sight and requiring two clicks to change workspace – very inconvenient and completely incomprehensible design choice.

That being said, Producteev is still the best I’ve tried. One other thing I’m missing is the distinction between “deadline”-date and “planned-to-start-on”-date.

Anyways is your Producteev usage still working out Bobby?