Hi Bobj,

At the moment, I’m still heavily invested in my use of Producteev, though I still use Evernote daily. It’s not that the Evernote system doesn’t work, because it works and it works well — it’s more a result of two things:

1. Due to the nature of what I do and like to write about, I am always looking to do something new and play with new tech, bending it to my needs.

2. I discovered that I need a reminder system that is relatively automated and connects with Google Calendar. Without that, I have a tendency to let things get fuzzy. I could get by without the reminder system, using ticklers and manually adding things to my calendar, it could even be argued that that is better, as it leads to being more thorough — but automation removed a step for me, and made things a bit easier for me to stick to the commitment required for GTD.

Hope that helps you!